Spring 2020

On the cover: The wild, native Swamp Rose or Rosa palustris. Photo by Joe D. Shorthouse.

View from the Editor’s Desk: What’s In a Number?
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Events Along the Rock
Gazette: Growing Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden
Gazette: Celebrating Cycling
Gazette: Enrichment for Your Yard
Featured View: Hawkwatch, Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Photo by Mike Davis
Where to Get Copies of Niagara Escarpment Views

Three Wild Roses of the Escarpment By Joe D. Shorthouse
Birds & Butterflies Near Hamilton & Burlington By Lois McNaught
Absolute Beauty: The Year-Round Riches of the Niagara Escarpment By Chuck Burdick
Gardens of Old Hamilton: Grand Durand Photos by Mike Davis  Words by Gloria Hildebrandt

The Gift of Land: Early Spring Sightings By Gloria Hildebrandt
View of Land Conservation: Partner with EBC to Fight Climate Change! By Bob Barnett