Summer 2019

On the cover: Albert Bedward kayaking
Photo by Albert Bedward.

View from the Editor’s Desk: When the Enemy is… Paper?
Readers & Viewers
Hidden Quarry by Linda Sword
Events Along the Rock
Featured View: Hamilton from “The Mountain” Photo by Mike Davis
Eat & Stay Along the Niagara Escarpment
Rick Grant’s Photography

Manitoulin’s “New” Cup and Saucer Trail Photos by Mike Davis Words by Gloria Hildebrandt
The Butterflies of Butternut Hill Farm By Karen Root
Big Canoe Run By Albert Bedward
Remembering Niagara’s Iron Scow Rescue Written by Gloria Hildebrandt Photos by Mike Davis

View of Land Conservation Your Local Nature Reserve: Parasite or Golden Goose? By Bob Barnett
The Gift of Land Battling Invasives By Gloria Hildebrandt