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The Weird & Wonderful at the AutoShow

The 2019 Canadian International AutoShow opened on Feb. 15 and will run until Feb. 24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. More info is at Here are some impressions from the show, by Mike Davis. The Jaguar I-Pace won the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) Utility Vehicle of the year award. It is
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Call for Artists’ Work

Here’s a call for artists’ work from Teresa Seaton: “BIRDS-ADAPTED FOR FLIGHT & FANCY” AN OPEN CALL FOR BOTH 2 AND 3D WORKS OF ORIGINAL FINE ARTS & CRAFTS From the wingspan of the largest Condor to the smallest Hummingbird, everything about the anatomy of a bird reflects its ability to fly. The wings are shaped to create lift. The leading
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Niagara Falls’ Whirlpool Aero Car Repair

Niagara Parks will soon replace all six of the steel support ropes which carry the more-than 100-year-old Whirlpool Aero Car across the Niagara Gorge each year, treating visitors to some of the most incredible views available of the Niagara River Whirlpool below. As part of the ongoing, rigorous maintenance that occurs at the Whirlpool Aero
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Clearview Side Road 26/27 Proposed Reconstruction

We received the following letter from George Powell, Vice Chair of Watershed Action Group, Blue Mountain Watershed Trust  Foundation. This was written to The Creemore Echo newspaper in Creemore, and concerns a proposed quarry haul route.  Re: Clearview Side Road 26/27 Proposed Reconstruction                 The mission of the Blue MountainWatershed Trust is to “Preserve and Enhance the
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Give Niagara Escarpment Views for the Holidays!

Give a subscription to four issues a year to the magazine people call impressive, incredible, interesting & beautiful – and those are just some comments in our current Winter issue! Order your gifts and we will email you a beautiful notification that you can print and GIVE TO YOUR FRIENDS and we’ll also include a
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Ford’s Plans for GTA West Corridor (letter to editor)

Editor’s Note: We received this letter to the editor from Dan O’Reilly, a writer based in Caledon. He notes that the GTA West Corridor has implications beyond Caledon, so wants our readers to be aware. His letter begins here: It may have escaped most Caledon residents’ attention that the Doug Ford Conservatives have resurrected plans
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When Someone Else Gets All the Breaks

I have a pile of credentials, but my partner Mike is getting all the glory. I have been writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and businesses since 1974. I studied literature and writing at university and a polytechnical institute. Heck, I taught literature and writing courses at two community colleges for eight years. And what
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Robert Bateman Returns to The Gallery Upstairs

This photo of Hedi Nowak, owner of The Gallery Upstairs, and world-famous artist Robert Bateman, was taken by Mike Davis on Bateman’s last visit to the gallery at 3 Mill St. in Milton. This Friday, Oct. 26, between 4 pm and 9 pm, you can meet Bateman at the gallery as he returns to meet
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Lock In 2018 Ad Rates

Things are changing here at Niagara Escarpment Views: Benefit by acting now! Lock in our generous price cuts for multi-insertion ad placements and avoid our small price increase next year. We were almost giving away the space for the 4th ad in an annual contract, so we’re raising our multi-insertion rates slightly in 2019. But
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Jody’s Views of Leathertown Festival

Here are some photographs taken by Jody van der Kwaak at her visit to Acton’s Leathertown Festival this summer. Enjoy her photo album! Are you in any of these photos? If you want copies of any of these, contact us.