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Georgetown’s 2018 Rock’n’Roll Classics

By Chris Miller The 19th annual Rock‘n’Roll Classics was held in downtown Georgetown on a beautiful summer evening on August 24. In all the years I have been to this show I think it was the largest display of classic cars they ever had. From the real oldies, to huge American beauties with giant wings
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How NOT to Handle Media

By Gloria Hildebrandt This is a genuine “blog” entry, in that it’s like a private journal entry about our business. You could call it one of my rants Promising what you have no intention of ever delivering is a really poor tactic in media relations. Here’s what happened. I received an email message last week about
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Eye Catchers at Milton’s Car Show

By Chris Miller On July 20 it seemed like thousands of classic car enthusiasts visited downtown Milton for their annual Classic Car Show. It looked like thousands of people were out admiring some amazing classics. Here is a sample of ones that were noteworthy. This is a lovely 1930 Ford A that’s ready to take
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SOLD: Dodge D250!

Update: the Beast has been sold!  1993 Dodge D250, club cab, two wheel drive, with Cummins 5.9 l Diesel 322900 km. Currently licenced, sold as is. Used Vehicle Information Package responsibility of buyer. Asking price $6,500, OBO.  Contact Mike 905 877 9665.  

Some Remarks at the BAH

On May 16 the magazine co-hosted a Business After Hours networking event for the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce. Here is some of the speech that we gave. We began by thanking our co-host, Andrews Scenic Acres of Milton, and the staff of the Chamber who organized the event. Then we went on to say:
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Writing On the Spiral of Life

This memoir by Gloria Hildebrandt first appeared in Trinity Alumni Magazine, Spring 2018. My life didn’t end up the way I had hoped it would when I was at Trinity. It has turned out better than I could ever have dreamed. The shape my life has taken is a spiral, repeatedly ending up where I started,
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Full Circle in Cuba

By Mike Davis In 2012, Gloria and I had headed off to Cuba to a 2-star resort. Don Lino in Holguin province was the lowest price on the internet; this was the deciding factor. I had been to Cuba before, but had stayed with the locals and went caving (spelunking) with them. This was the
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Freedom of the Press A Requirement for Democracy

Mike and I saw The Post on the weekend, the film by Steven Spielberg, starring Meryl Streep as Katherine Graham, the owner of The Washington Post, and Tom Hanks as Ben Bradlee, top editor at the paper. This is the true story of the leak and publication of the Pentagon papers which document the U.S. government’s knowledge
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Canada Blooms 2018

They’re setting up Canada Blooms today! We popped in this morning with 3,000 copies of our gorgeous Spring Gardens Special issue, which were requested to go into VIP goodie bags. While Mike was loading the boxes of magazines onto a skid, I strolled around and grabbed a few snaps while the garden installations were being
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Canadian International Auto Show 2018: An Obsession With Speed

Words & photos by Chris Miller  The Canadian International Auto Show is the largest consumers’ show in Canada. The first day of the 2018 event, February 16, was packed just like a usual weekend, except it was Friday. This is a sure indication of Canada’s love for autos.  The exotic display was the largest representation
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