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Catch-up of Mentions of Escarpment Views

     If this bog had been active earlier, I would have pointed readers to a couple or three interesting mentions of Escarpment Views. One is on the blog of writer Jennifer Smith who lives in Milton (or Sprawlville as she calls it?). Last spring she wrote  of “something wonderful” that she first read about in
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Small Towns Offer Big Pleasure

     We’ve had a couple of interesting responses to our fall issue recently. Benitta Wilcox, the Erin textile artist whose treasure-filled garden is featured on the cover, reports that she received many favourable comments about the article and was recognized because of it by a woman in Brampton.      In addition, our readers and viewers
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When Publishing a Magazine is Not Enough: Blog

     You would think that as editor of Escarpment Views magazine, I would have plenty of opportunity to write about what’s important. Well yes and no. After publishing our first four issues, a year’s worth for a quarterly, I’m only finding there’s much more to communicate.      So then we had our Web guru, Joan
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