People Respond

Here are just some of the many comments we’ve received from our readers and viewers. We love hearing from you, so keep your responses coming!  We also have interesting comments about advertising in the magazine.

Best magazine in the sector. Renew of course!
Roger Guertin, St. Catharines

Hello Gloria, love your magazine, the photos are beautiful, and articles so interesting. I have passed them onto friends and family, but really like to keep them for myself. I have missed my subscription, being out of Canada for the winter. So will renew today. You and your staff do a wonderful job in putting together this great magazine.
Diana Barker, by

I was given a copy of “Niagara Escarpment Views” (Spring 2016) while I participated in a tour with Niagara Nature Tours Owl Prowl yesterday. Your magazine is superb – in all ways. Yes, even as your survey stated, “right down to the quality of paper.” It should be required reading for those in your distribution area of Southern Ontario. So much to learn! So much to enjoy! Please begin my subscription with the edition after Spring 2016. I look forward to receiving that copy.
E. Brook Wilson, Burlington

We miss seeing Royal Botanical Gardens as one of the places where copies of NEV can be picked up. After all, RBG lands cover a bit of the Escarpment.
Freek Vrugtman

Your map of where to pick up a free copy of your lovely magazine shows a red dot just east of Orangeville, however I can’t find a corresponding address. Where would that red dot refer to? (I live in Alton.)
Andrew Welch, Alton
We informed him of locations in Alton where he could ask for a copy.

I just received the latest Niagara Escarpment Views and the article and photos of Morningstar Mill look amazing. I’m really thrilled. Your and your staff did a stellar job. Thank you so much. I was also wondering, if possible, would you be able to drop off an extra box of magazines at the St. Catharines Museum, so that we could distribute them at the mill?
Carla Mackie, Historical Services Co-ordinator, St. Catharines

Just had to send a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Garden Tours of Dundas, Georgetown and Milton featured in your Spring issue. It definitely inspired me to start planning my own and, even though it won’t be “public ready,” I am anxious for it to be enjoyed by family and friends over the next couple of months!
Carla Allen, by email

I am including a cheque for $39.50 to renew my subscription for two years. Thanks for a very informative & picturesque magazine. Really enjoyed the article & scenes from the Hamilton article, which is where I call home! “The Hammer!” Truly enjoyed Gloria’s written words, regarding her parcel of land, she inherited from her father! Land, water & trees are so valuable to our existence. Thanks for all your work keeping all of us, abreast of this wonderful country we live in.
Jeannine & Walter Wells, Hamilton

We love your magazine and your love for our wonderful planet!
Christina Marsh-Semerjian, Burlington

Please find enclosed cheque for two years’ subscription…Love the magazine, discovered it two years ago.
Cécile Dales, Collingwood

We so enjoyed the Spring copy of Views that we have to ensure regular delivery. May we also have a copy of your 2008 magazine?
Beryl Jones, Oakville

Fantastic work on the magazine and well worth the price to continue my subscription! Please put me down for another two-year extension! I’d also like to “gift” another 2-year subscription to a colleague of mine.
Eric Fowle, Menasha, Wisconsin

I don’t get a chance to read for pleasure very often, and have never previously spent any time with the magazine. I found it both charming and informative, and certainly focused on a common goal for people across a large area.
Andrew McCammon, Ontario Headwaters Institute

I picked up this magazine at Owen Sound information centre. The article by Bob Barnett, “You can’t see the forest for the desks in the way,” was read with great interest. I completely agree with this.
Jane Lawrenson, email

I was wondering how I could get a copy of Summer 2014 edition of NEV. Great Magazine !!! Love your Magazine. I was given a copy at the  Friday, February 13, 2015 Heritage Day Workshop  in Guelph last week and really enjoyed it.
Gary Luck, Guelph

WOW – is that descriptive enough? Excellence in every aspect. Many thanks.
June Sheldrake, via email

I enjoy the NEViews. I think it’s a great magazine – the content is always of interest and the layout/visual aspect is appealing. I wish you and your team continued success.
Maureen Bailey, Georgetown

[This] is Audrey’s daughter buying her [a] subscription. Is there any way to add the current edition and the one that had the original Beautiful Joe story on to the invoice? Might they still be available? The article prompted me to recommend the book to her and she has since shared with her book club. I think they are planning a trip to the garden over the summer so more info for them would be great. Thanks! Excellent magazine by the way.
Paula Coats via email

Thank you so much for your amazing magazine Niagara Escarpment Views! I would never have found out about Beautiful Joe and Meaford’s Beautiful Joe Park.
Brenda Townson, Burlington

I and the rest of the Directors LOVED your article in Winter’s edition on the Park and indeed, your sentiments regarding the book…from the Editor’s Desk…Many, many thanks again for highlighting Beautiful Joe in such a “beautiful” way.
Viv Baker, Beautiful Joe Heritage Society

Last August my wife and I were in Bruce County for the first time… I picked up several issues of your magazine over the week and was quite impressed with your goals for it and with its content and appearance.
Doug Yonson, Nepean

Hi I went to Owen Sound Foodland and they did not have any free copies of your magazine, I would really like to get one, do you know when they will have them in stock?
Dorothy Mercier, via Facebook

I loved your magazine which I saw when visiting Tobermory, but was unable to buy a copy anywhere. I am now home in the U.K. and would love to get a copy of the summer edition as it would be a lovely souvenir of all the places we visited. Is it possible to send to the U.K.?
Jane Lewis, Aylesbury, U.K.

I have included my cheque for a two-year renewal to Niagara Escarpment Views. NEV is a very informative and enjoyable magazine. The pictures & scenery are exceptionally done. I look forward to every issue I receive. Please keep up the great job that you & your staff do. I received my Autumn 2013 issue today. I really enjoyed the Greig’s Caves & Laura Secord articles & pictures.
Jeannine Wells, Hamilton

Looking forward to another great read (as always!)
Sheila Ross, Meaford Chamber of Commerce

In the past I occasionally picked up Niagara Escarpment Views for free at Foodstuffs where I like to shop. I don’t feel good about this any more, because NEV is such a great magazine. From now on I want to pay. You are doing a wonderful job.
Monika Caemmerer, Acton

John and I want to thank you for the fine story and photo spread about Larkwhistle in NEV. You and Mike did an excellent job with photos and text, and I especially appreciate that you quoted my thoughts and words at length at the end of the article – not every publication is willing to put out a serious and strongly worded “message” about environmental deterioration, for fear of “upsetting” or “bothering” some readers. Anything that encourages people to appreciate any aspect of the natural world, such as the Escarpment, may also strengthen conservation measures.
Patrick Lima, Dyer’s Bay

I am looking forward to camping in Tobermory at the end of August and hope to check out Flowerpot Island as featured in your last edition.
Ellen Kuschnik, Oakville

Thank you for the copies of the magazine! And more importantly, thank you for publishing a wonderful article about the kitchen garden at Dundurn!
Kenneth J. Heaman, Senior Curator, Dundurn National Historic Site, Hamilton

Just ran across the magazine when we got it at Foodland in Hillsburgh – and love it! …. Continued success!
Bruce Hood, Hillsburgh

Your magazine should be commended for its great content and gorgeous photos!! It is both an educational tool as well as a great tourism resource for those interested in our uniquely beautiful area!
Kristin Luoma, Economic Development Officer, Town of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, Little Current

I always look forward to reading your publication, and commend the work of you and your team over at Escarpment Views. I encourage you to keep up the good work you do and for the interesting and informative publications you create.
Gary Burroughs, Regional Chair, Niagara Region

We really enjoy  your magazine–love the concept of it being about the whole escarpment.  Such a  great area!
Cory Stickley, Thornbury

Keep up the good work. We are thoroughly enjoying our copy of the magazine and watching it grow.
Barbara Kraus, Toronto

I always appreciate receiving every issue — brings me a little closer to home. Thanks so much for putting out a great publication.
Pamela Johnston, Georgia

I certainly wish to renew. It’s a beautiful magazine and I enjoy it immensely.
Dennis Perlin, Georgetown

Advertising with Escarpment Views Magazine has allowed us the opportunity to reach a different audience. It has been very beneficial to advertise with Escarpment Views as we have seen an increase in sales that were directly related to advertising in Escarpment Views. It is also refreshing to support a magazine that has staff that care and do a very professional job of presenting a magazine that offers unique and refreshing editorial. Thank you.
Lorraine Roberts, Plant Paradise Country Gardens

Congratulations! Is it really Escarpment Views’ third anniversary? Wow, good for you. It is a very good, informative magazine, especially for all of us who live in Escarpment country. To think that I had the honour of being in your premier issue. Thanks again for that. You are also doing a great job with your blog. I am reading it faithfully. I think I lapsed my subscription to your magazine and would like to start again.
Brigitte Schreyer, Burlington

I am writing to inquire about the photos of the Mildred Mahoney Doll House Collection auction, which appeared in your Winter 2010 issue. Would it be possible to get copies of the auction photos in the magazine as well as any others you may have from the event? We would like to add these images to our archival collection for preservation and research purposes.
Meredith Leonard, Curator, Marketing, Programming and Exhibitions,
Fort Erie Museum Services, Ridgeway

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy working with you and for Escarpment Views? I also wanted to share with you that the people of Kemble loved the attention your magazine gave them. When I gave the copies of Escarpment Views to Jenni she thanked me, turned and managed to go about seven feet before people wanting copies started relieving her of her burden.
Kelly Babcock, Owen Sound

“Fossil Hunting at Craigleith” was an excellent feature article. I quite enjoyed reading it and I have no concerns about the messages. There was initial concern about the vulnerability of the resource but I think you did a good job of relaying that information in a sensitive way.
John Fisher, Wasaga Beach

Beautiful book this month. I’m going to have to scour stores in the Niagara region to get a couple of copies for the relatives. Thank you for the fantastic treatment of my story.
Chris Mills, Fort Erie, writer & photographer of the “Fenian Raids” feature

I have just discovered your informative, attractive magazine. I picked up a copy at Picard’s in N.O.T.L. and enjoyed reading all of the articles. I’ve enclosed my payment for a year’s subscription and ask that the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy receive $5.00. I look forward to learning more about our beautiful “escarpment” and surrounding countryside.
Margo Cameron, St. Catharines

It is a great magazine. I gave subscriptions to friends when it launched and they just love it!  And they in turn gave subscriptions to their family members.  It’s a great idea for a stocking stuffer.
Judy Snyder, Burlington

I have just read this month’s issue of Escarpment Views and love the variety of articles. The article about the local farm markets was extremely well written. I appreciate the authenticity of the article and am excited to share it with my vendors. Hopefully,we can get some magazines for the office? Also….I had a bus tour from London come through the market last Saturday and made up bags for the visitors which included back issues of Escarpment Views magazines. I still  give them out when I can!
Thanks again,
Caroline Merritt, Market Manager, Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market

I’ve been remiss in not replying sooner to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed the articles and helpful information in Escarpment Views. Stories and photography are fresh, original and informative, especially for this city-bred guy. I’ll be sending you a cheque for a one-year subscription renewal this weekend.
Ed Laba, Edward Laba & Associates, Mississauga

In one of the Escarpment Magazines you sent (the one about the snakes)there is an ad for Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves in Collingwood. It looks really neat, so I went onto the website and checked it out, and we are going to do it this summer. I would never have known about it if I hadn’t seen it in your magazine.
Robyn Pyrczak, Rockwood

Your ad design was spot on and instant. Thank you very much. Very pleased with your service.
Dawn Loney, Keppel Croft Gardens, Owen Sound

Tourism Burlington loved your spring issue of Escarpment views and the great features on RBG and Crawford Lake.  Would it be possible to get a pdf of both of these articles to upload to our website?  It would help us promote group tours to these locations as these tell a wonderful story. Also we would be happy to be a distribution point for your magazine at our visitor information centre. It is open 7 days a week and attractions thousands every year.

Thanks for your consideration.

Pam Belgrade, Executive Director, Tourism Burlington

Just picked up the Spring Escarpment Views and wanted to congratulate you on another beautiful issue. The content is fascinating as always and the visuals are terrific, particularly the centre spread.
Laurent Thibault, Georgetown

Please renew my subscription to “Escarpment Views”. Enjoy the magazine very much and appreciate your efforts in putting it together.
Ken Hall, Dundas

Foodstuffs has been pleased from the premiere issue with the professionalism, attention to detail, grace and care with which we’ve been treated by Escarpment Views. Ad placement always shows aesthetic consideration and a good sense of our existing and potential clientele. The “Worth the Visit” feature launched with a visit to Foodstuffs was helpful in reinforcing our decision to advertise with EV… we’ve had many comments and compliments, several new customers and the quick sale of the two decorative signs we posed with in a group photograph!
Marcia Dye, Foodstuffs, Georgetown

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Icewine story in the latest Escarpment Views issue. The photos are fantastic and it serves as very good exposure for our first run at executing the festival in the New Year. We truly appreciate it.
Lisa Haddow, General Manager, Twenty Valley Tourism Association

After reading your article about Frogpond Winery we added a new stop to our travels.  During our visit at Frogpond we sampled some excellent wines…beautifully balanced in flavour, colour and aroma. We left with a few bottles of the Chambourcin and Riesling tucked into our saddle bags.  Since bringing it home we have shared them with family and friends who were all as pleased as we were with the quality of this wine.
Brenda Moher, Burlington

I truly enjoy your magazine & wish your publication continued success.
Michael Knight, Acton

Congratulations on an excellent magazine. Escarpment Views is on my list for Christmas gifts (subscriptions), a task I’ll have to “get-to-adoing” in the next wee while.
Pat Mestern, Fergus

I have already received several phone calls about the [Falling Water Trail] article, with readers looking for more info about the trail.
Ken Haigh, Clarksburg

It was really nice to see the latest issue of Escarpment Views come in. The magazine is looking great, it always makes me want to escape the Big Smoke and head out on the open road with my camera and laptop.
Loved the centrefold of Balls Falls! It brought back memories of driving down Highway 8 to Brock University every fall and throwing open the car windows somewhere around Vineland Station & Jordan to inhale that still-warm September air, filled with sun and the smell of grapes. Yummy!
Cathy Watson, Toronto

Escarpment Views magazine is a great read with articles of interest stretching from one end of the beautiful escarpment to the other.
Danielle Mulasmajic, Economic Development Officer,
Town of South Bruce Peninsula

I do not often feel compelled to read all the articles in a magazine, let alone re-read an article. Your style of writing flows beautifully, with creativity and flair all the while delivering a most important message. It is a pleasure to read Escarpment Views and I look forward to receiving the next issue.
Barbara Rusnak, Aldershot Business Community BIA

Thanks for the extra copy of Escarpment Views; Joe wants to pass it on to a friend who’s a real naturalist. Your magazine is a beautiful work of art.
Cathy Martin, Waterloo

You and the team are doing a wonderful job with the magazine.
Elizabeth Grin, Sunshine Design, Rockwood

I enjoyed reading your magazine.  The pictures are spectacular.  There is something in there for everyone, from kids to adults.  Things to do and places to see, all within reach.
Tracey Wellon, Georgetown

Last year [ ] gave us a subscription to Escarpment Views and we love your magazine so much that we wish to renew and also give our daughter a subscription for 2009… We live on the escarpment and enjoy the local reviews and events. Keep up the good work!
Sherrin Ellerton, Vineland

You and Mike did a wonderful job making the House look great in your magazine. I’ve had several compliments on the article, and appreciate your interest and skill in sharing our mission.
Ann Lawlor, Chair, Friends of Devereaux House

Okay, so I got the copy of Escarpment Views you sent, put it on my magazine pile to read, and then it ended up being lost in the black hole that is my stack of magazine to read.  Yesterday, while sorting through said stack, I came upon your mag again and read it.  First off, you look great (nice photo!).  Second, the magazine looks great.  I always loved the escarpment.  Once a year or so our folks would take my brother and I for a hike along the Bruce Trail.  I remember those days (and my mom’s sandwiches) quite fondly.
Anyway, good job.  I hope it goes well.
Graham Yost, California

What a wonderful job you have done on the magazine.  I found it at my father in laws place in Welland. I enjoyed it very much.  It’s tough to publish something so I tip my hat to you.
I was born in Hamilton, now live in Toronto and I am now a tour guide taking people down to Niagara Falls.  The escarpment plays such a large role in my tour.  Information from your magazine was very helpful.  Keep up the good work.
Ken White, Toronto

A couple told me that they were from Toronto and came to the Brewhouse because they saw our ad in Escarpment Views.
Jamie Leder,Collins Brewhouse, Ancaster

It was a great tour this year. I received many comments on the article – all very favourable.  I did the Brampton Studio Tour this past weekend and when a women picked up my card she said, “I knew you looked familiar, you were in the Escarpment Views!”  How cool is that? I have given out many of your magazines. Everyone is very complimentary.
Benitta Wilcox, Erin

I would like to congratulate Gloria and Brannimir on the latest edition of “Escarpment Views”. I have read it from cover to cover – including all the ads! I normally dislike looking at magazines because they are usually so cluttered with ads that you don’t find anything worth reading. Not so with Escarpment Views! I particularly enjoyed reading Deborah Serravalle’s report on the Hamilton “Around the Bay” race. And the Giant Hogwood Alert.
A suggestion to Gloria: When writing about specific plants (or animals), it would be a good idea to include the scientific name (Latin) because the English language has often plenty of names for the same thing – or, even more confusing,  just one name for many different creatures. The Giant Hogwood is also called Giant Cow Parsley, among others, and the Latin name is *Heracleum mategazzianum*. It looks very similar to what I am familiar with in Germany: grosser Baerenklau, *H. sphondylium*. That is why I was looking it up 🙂
Ursula Vielkind, Dundas

I did the Bayview Extension a few weeks ago, in large part because I was inspired by the article that was in your summer issue.
Dan O’Reilly, Caledon

I have read your magazine with great interest. It’s beautifully done and a joy to read.
Caroline Merrit, Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market, Hamilton

I really enjoy your magazine (love the article about the peony gardener!).
Corinna Eberle, Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group

Got the magazine – it looks fantastic! Great photography. Thanks kindly and keep up the good work.
Vicki Hopton, RoyalBotanical Gardens, Burlington

Congratulations on awesome response you are getting with your endeavour. Keep up the good work.
Harry Witt, Credit Creek Art Gallery, Halton Hills

Gloria, we just brought in today’s mail and discovered that a copy of Escarpment Views has been delivered to our home. The photograph looks fabulous! As does everything else. You’ve created a truly beautiful magazine, and we wish you great success with this venture. Richard has written you a separate message, but I wish to express sincere thanks from both of us for your sensitive, gracious review of our book. Your bringing attention to the book in two places on the contents/publisher’s message page as well as in the photo credit accompanying the centre fold, is much appreciated.  Thank you ever so much for everything!
Eleanore Kosydar, Dundas

I just finished going through the first issue of Escarpment Views and I must say it is exciting to see a new local magazine being published. As a photographer I must say, the centre spread is fabulous! Congratulations on the premier issue.
Alan McCord, Georgetown

3 neighbors of mine with a Campbellville Postal Code have phoned me exitedly. They found the premiere issue of the Escarpment Views in their mailbox. Another friend in Campbellville emailed me as well. All of them used to get another magazine or yours their mailbox. Anyway, one of my neigbors came over and showed me the EV.  I have to tell you that I am very impressed, not only with my story. You both did an incredible job on all counts. In my case it was very exact to our conversations. My name was spelled right, and the whole thing looks great. I have not had time to go through the whole magazine in detail, because she had to leave again. Anyway, thanks so much for this.
Brigitte Schreyer, Lowville

New magazine looks great. Good for you!
Julia Moulden, Founder, The Company of New Radicals, Toronto

I distributed the magazines. One is in the lobby. One in the lunchroom. I took one home. I gave one to Harry to take up to his hobby farm north of the City. Overall, it looks good (particularly the photos). All that is need is more content. (I am sure that is always a challenge, especially for a start up). I intend to put mine away and sell it some day on eBay for big bucks. Congratulations.
Brett Ibbotson, Toronto

Hey there! Nice looking mag! Just arrived in the mail a day or so ago. Way to go — and great ads too. I look forward to getting my next issues!
Kate George, Waterloo

This past weekend I had my first chance to delve into the premier issue of Escarpment Views. Congratulations……I’m sure you must feel very relieved, rewarded and proud to have the first issue done. Best wishes for continued success!
Val Sanna, Ignition Design + Communications, Oakville

I must say that I was extremely disappointed that there was no mention in you premier issue about the best thing that the Escarpment has to offer… “The Bruce Trail”. Why the over-site?
Jeff Dowsett, Milton

I very much enjoyed the premier issue of Escarpment Views, especially the article on “The Best Burn in Winter. After enduring 15 smoky years in front of my cottage wood-burning stove, I was desperate to try anything – and save my burning eyes. Dan O’Reilly’s method sounded downright dumb (place paper on top of wood logs, indeed!). But, by gosh, it works! Thank you, thank you.
T. Down, Hamilton

I was up at our Hamilton dealership the other day and saw the magazine. It is very well put together! And of course the back page is my favourite, but I may be a little bit partial.
Matthew Kilkenny, Business Development & Marketing Manager
Budds’ BMW & MINI Oakville

Greg Brand, a furniture maker in Campbellville, who advertised in Escarpment Views, reports that the first customer in his store the week after the magazine was mailed out, came to his store from Ancaster after seeing his ad. She bought two pieces.

The first edition of Escarpment Views arrived today and what a captivating addition it was in my snow-covered mailbox. Right from the magazine’s visually striking cover, I was quickly drawn into the treasures of the written word and your eclectic mix of articles. As a resident and small business owner in Halton Hills, I am fortunate to live in such a geographically rare landscape. Your publication really brought to life the vibrancy and distinctive flavour of Ontario’s escarpment region, and it gave me a new appreciation of all that this 725-kilometre strong landform has to offer. I can only imagine what awaits me in your spring issue.
Lorraine Willson, Headline: Communications Inc., Georgetown

I’d like to add my congratulations, too. It’s a great magazine, Gloria, and Mike’s photos are wonderful. Loved the centre spread, too – quite a unique touch. Looking forward to the next issue!
Anne von Rosenbach, Burlington

I want to congratulate both of you on an excellent première edition. I found the magazine quite fun and informative. Great job – I am looking forward to my next edition.
Paul Subject, STANMECH Technologies Inc., Burlington

I received a copy of your new magazine yesterday in the mail, and I thought it was fantastic!!
Fay Beck-Ryall, Waterdown

Really enjoyed the first issue. Great job!
Meriel Simpson, Missississauga

I wonder if it would be possible to obtain about 50 copies of the first issue of Escarpent Views for the Georgetown Canadian Federation of University Women ( CFUW ) club? We will be hosting a meeting of CFUW clubs in the southern Ontario region ( Milton, Mississauga, Oakville etc. ) on October 25th, 2008. We will be providing “goodie bags” to the participants and would like to have copies of your magazine for each attendee. And if possible I’d love to have copies of any future editions of your magazine that are published before October 25th.
Frances Walker, Georgetown

Your Premier Issue was an excellent one! I really enjoyed reading the various articles. Your overall design and layout is very up to date. Your choice of font style and size is perfect. Your articles had a great mixture of subjects for most levels of interests. I was quite surprised to see that you had some support from the local automotive industry. Your choice to use the panoramic shot taken by the Kosydar couple was an outstanding one. Keep up the good work. I am positive that it does require a lot of hard work to put together an issue such as this. I am looking forward to the time when you can work up to six annual publications.
Stephen Garland, Georgetown

I just got your first magazine!!Congratulations!!! It is fabulous – it looks great and the writing is lovely. Loved your intro. And the articles. Look forward to more. And of course, those photos were great. I was most impressed.
Seana McKenna, Harrington

I am really impressed with your new magazine. I did not know what to expect and was apprehensive about whether there would be enough material to enable it to survive in the longer run. Having seen how you have structured the magazine, I feel that you have a sustainable winner on your hands where you combine the commercial and the artistic. Tell Mike Davis he did a great job on the pictures of Georgetown. Getting the right angles is not that easy.

By the way, we have been getting rave reviews from some of our aquaintances about your magazine. The best one was from a fellow who said that this was the first magazine that he had read from cover to cover, probably in his life.
Richard Kosydar, Dundas

Someone just passed on a copy of your new magazine to me and I was quite impressed! A lovely celebration of why we love to live in the area. Keep up the great work!
Lorraine Symmes, Caledon

Congratulations on the premier issue of Escarpment Views magazine. It looks beautiful, the writing is wonderful. The photos of Main St. are stunning, the best I’ve ever seen.
Sharon Leal, Main St. Inn, Georgetown

I recently received a copy of your Escarpment Views Magazine. Congratulations on a job well done. I hope the magazine does well, and judging from the premiere edition there is little doubt that it will.
Vic MacBournie, Ancaster

I am a resident of Mountainview Retirement Home and enjoyed your new publication here recently. It is hard to keep on the reading table. It keeps “wandering off” and even the coupon for ordering disappeared. I enjoyed your coverage of the “new” downtown and the history of Limehouse. Would you record and mail two subscriptions for me – one for my son’s family and one for myself…
Ismey Bird, Georgetown

CONGRATULATIONS! Escarpment Views is terrific. Bet you don’t have any problems selling ad space to the regional governments, the conservation authorities and local businesses. One look at the magazine and they’ve got to know you’ve got a winner.
Peter West, Oakville

All the people who received my gift subscriptions said they were very happy with the magazine. One of the subscriptions went to people whose daughter’s law office is in the photo of the Main St. in Georgetown.
Judy Snyder, Burlington

I’ve had an opportunity to read your magazine … visually it’s beautiful and there’s something for everyone. The fact that you are highlighting our area and therefore our appreciation of what is right in our backyard is awesome. For instance, Georgetown! Who knew? Now I want to take a drive up there with my husband and have him take me out to lunch! My favourite article is by Chef Misty. My goodness, she writes well and I thought her commentary was spot on! I look forward to hearing more of what she has to say. So congrats again!
Deborah Serravalle, Burlington

Congratulations on the success of your launch! You could certainly drop off another batch of magazines…they disappear quickly. Drop in any time to check and resupply. They have a good spot on the table at the front door! We were very pleased with the look of our ad and (of course) the magazine as a whole. Keep up the good work!
Marcia Dye, Foodstuffs, Georgetown

My expectations were pretty high — obviously, given the nature of the folks involved. But I was still lifted up by the quality, the choice of subjects, the fresh perspective, the design, so much more too. Congratulations and no wonder it’s been greeted with such smiles.
Julia Soong, Richmond, B.C.

My congratulations to you on creating such a professional, appealing and interesting publication! I read it from cover to cover, and felt very comfortable learning of your vision in ‘ Gloria’s View ‘ and the obvious interest and respect you have for the people who share this geological demographic. Words caught my eye, such as ‘dedicated’, ‘celebrates’, ‘lifestyles’, ‘worth your time’ and ‘high quality’. Your articles provided me with a comfortable armchairs tour of towns which I often just drive by. Up to now, my knowledge of Limehouse was limited to a road Name sign on Trafalgar Road. And I admit to taking the left fork which accesses the newer Georgetown most often, and missing out on the delights of Downtown Georgetown completely. My read was a nostalgic and eclectic journey, and I could not help but admire the commitment of the businesses entrepreneurs in Georgetown. You had a good balance in your articles, ranging from Poetry to Cooking. When I arrived at the magnificent centre spread, which is absolutely awe inspiring, to say the least. To you, your staff and contributors, I send my best wishes and thanks for allowing me to revel in a veritable exploration of new people and places.
Audrey Wood, Hillsburgh